Principal Investigator Meetings

The annual CSORN principal investigator meetings started in October 2018 for an opportunity for CSORN investigators to get together to further research with the CSORN database. Since these meetings began in 2018, they are now held twice a year. One meeting is held during the Canadian Spine Society’s Annual Scientific Conference, and another meeting is held in the fall usually in Toronto, Ontario. These meetings are 1.5 to 2 days in length.

During these meetings the Chair of the CSORN Steering Committee gives an update on the CSORN registry. The Director of Research Operations and the CSS CSORN Data Quality Coordinator provide updates on enrollment, new sites, data quality and follow-up rates of the CSORN database nationally. Following these updates, the days are split to discuss new retrospective and prospective research ideas. This is also an opportunity to provide updates on the research projects that were proposed in the previous CSORN principal investigators meeting. 

During these meetings, there are also “breakout sessions” to discuss the sub-studies that are occurring and to further research ideas around these sub-studies. They also dive deeper into each sub-study’s updates on enrollment and quality.

These meetings have helped continue grow the research studies and publications that CSORN has produced in the last 3 years. We welcome all those CSORN investigators who want to attend on their site’s behalf.

Please contact Greg McIntosh, Director of Research Operations if you are attending the next session.  gmcintosh@spinecanada.ca



We are Canadian spine surgeons and rehabilitation specialists with an interest in multi-centre research assessing the effect of both surgical and non-operative management on outcomes of a range of spinal disorders.